Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Key Components of SEO Website Design

The majority of traffic on the Internet comes from google, but most people only follow links on the first page of look for motor results. This means that sites that do not have high google look for motor results positioning positions are going to have very few visitors. Therefore, it is essential for web page owners to use seo (SEO) style methods when they are creating web pages. While SEO is depending on keyword and key phrase material, there are also a number of other factors that determine a site's google look for motor results positioning positions, and many of them are related to the HTML and programming of a web page. SEO web development includes things like computer file labeling structures, picture identification, appropriate use
of programming and ensuring that a web page loads quickly.

Keyword Based File Names

Search search engines take their hints from a number of sources to determine what a site's material contains, and one of them is computer file and directory headings. Since google look for motor listing algorithms are now demoting sites that use black hat keyword and key phrase filling techniques, labeling information depending on keywords and phrases can give a web page a keyword and key phrase boost without being hit for overusing keywords and phrases. Webmasters can even benefit from sorting pictures and information into multi-tier directories. For example, an address of “domain.com/keyword_one/keyword_two/keyword_three.html” will make google look for motor spiders affiliate three different keywords and phrases with a web page before it even begins listing the material.

Making the Most of Images

Another essential part of SEO that many people neglect is optimizing pictures. While google look for motor spiders cannot actually see what is in an picture, they can take hints from written text and programming around pictures. Webmasters can use the HTML IMG “ALT” tag to let google know what the material of an picture is, but web page owners should also use keyword and key phrase related computer file headings as well. Furthermore, google will often catalog pictures depending on written text that is closest to an picture. Therefore, using a caption or putting an picture in a table with a short description underneath it can further affiliate particular keywords and phrases with pictures. Using these methods to identify pictures can boost a site's keyword and key phrase associations and put a web page at the top of picture look for motor results.

Highlighting Keywords with Coding

In addition to featuring essential keywords and phrases with computer file headings and the use of pictures, web page owners can also emphasize particular keywords and phrases through using headers and headings. While google look for motor spiders will catalog an entire site, putting special code around particular sections of written text will serve to underscore them. Titles can be as long as needed, but using overly long headings can count as keyword and key phrase filling. Headers are another essential part of SEO style methods because they tell google what the most details of a site's material is.

Speed Matters

Most people will not wait forever for a web page to fill, and google take this into account when listing and ranking sites. This is why it is essential for web page owners to optimize programming so that pages fill as quickly as possible and to ensure that pictures are compressed to shrink quality and, therefore, fill time. No matter how well SEO web development methods are implemented, slow sites will have problems achieving high google look for motor results positioning positions.


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